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                                                               WHIRLPOOL FEATURES

 "The PMMA Advantage in Jacuzzi Bathtubs"  

Experience the superior benefits of Jacuzzi whirlpool bathtubs, crafted with the finest PMMA acrylic. Reinforced by a 20mm strong plywood base, these tubs are designed to withstand the rigors of hot and cold water without the risk of cracks.


Enhanced Water Circuit Engineering:

1. Air Suction Valve:

The innovative design features an additional pipeline linked to all water jets. This pipeline can be connected to a pump with a heating coil, drawing in atmospheric air, heating it, and channeling it to each water jet. This amplifies the pressure of the water jets for an invigorating hydro massage.

2. Safety Vacuum Breaker:

Safety takes precedence with the inclusion of a critical feature in Quasay whirlpools. The motor is programmed to automatically shut down in the event of suction point blockage, ensuring your well-being.

3. No Bacteria Formation:

The water pipes are ingeniously connected via V-shaped housings, ensuring complete water drainage. This thoughtful design thwarts the accumulation of unpleasant odors and bacteria, ensuring fresh water with every use.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

The pipes, made from Food Grade PVC, boast an inner anti-bacterial coating. Even if residual water droplets remain after drainage, the risk of bacterial growth is nullified, promoting hygiene.

Stringent Testing and Advanced Features:

5. 3 Tier Test:

Each Quasay Whirlpool bath undergoes a comprehensive functional test using hot water. Additionally, it is subjected to European testing procedures including earthing resistance, insulation tests, and high voltage checks.

7. Airpool Jet:

Crafted from plastic, the airpool jets deliver a soft massage to the spine, enhancing warmth sensation and benefiting the back. Air bubbles stimulate blood circulation by opening the insulation layer built around the body when immersed in water.

6. Water Jets:

Elevating the hydromassage experience is the exclusive "JET CLEAN" nozzle system with adjustable nozzles and partial closing. Catering to individual preferences, it offers gentle massages for delicate areas and energizing stimulation for others

User-Focused Design:

8. Easy To Use:

The user-friendly digital/manual control system regulates Airpool intensity and functions. All electronic components are conveniently installable and removable on-site, ensuring easy maintenance and hassle-free usage.


1. Stress Relief:

Experience the remarkable ability of whirlpool baths to alleviate both physical and mental stress. Immerse yourself in the soothing waters and let the gentle currents wash away your worries.

3. Respiratory Health:

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waters of a whirlpool bath to find relief from respiratory infections. Feel the relaxation permeate your body, ensuring a serene day ahead.

2. Clearer Skin:

Whirlpool tubs have the remarkable capacity to cleanse pores and eliminate deep-seated congestion from beneath the skin's surface. Revel in the renewed clarity and vitality of your skin.

4. Enhanced Circulation:

Quasay whirlpool baths serve as natural stimulants for improved circulation throughout the body. Increased oxygen delivery to cells reduces the risk of conditions like hypertension, arterial hardening, and promotes optimal muscle function.

5. Metabolism and Weight Management:

The steam rising from the water pool bathtub not only soothes but also accelerates blood flow, stimulating the lymphatic system. This natural boost in metabolism contributes to enhanced weight management.

At Quasay, discover the most cost-effective whirlpool prices in India on our website. Our whirlpool bathtubs boast superior quality and innovative designs, tailored to your preferences. These jetted tubs aren't just enjoyable; they're also environmentally conscious and recyclable. Elevate your bathroom ambiance by incorporating premium accessories while installing your whirlpool tub.

Our eco-friendly whirlpool baths ensure a luxurious bathing experience without compromising environmental mindfulness. Crafted from premium PMMA sheets, our whirlpool bathtubs exemplify unrivaled quality and durability. With original designs, Quasay's whirlpool bathtubs offer diverse water systems and designs, guaranteeing exceptional experiences at competitive prices and top-tier quality.

Explore how to transform your meditation space with a whirlpool bath through our dedicated blog. Additionally, delve into our range of bathtub solutions for a comprehensive understanding of the benefits offered by both regular bathtubs and luxurious whirlpool tubs. Elevate your bathing experience with Quasay's innovative whirlpool bathtubs, combining exquisite design, superior functionality, and affordability for a truly exceptional indulgence.

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