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Unwind in Tranquility with Quasay's Home Spa Retreat

Unwind in luxury with Quasay's Home Spa, a haven designed to rejuvenate your body and mind. Immerse yourself in a technological wonder featuring 'well-being circuits,' each seat strategically equipped with spa tub jets. Move effortlessly between seats to enjoy a complete massage, stimulating every part of your body. With cushioned headrests, ergonomic design, and high-performance features, Quasay's Home Spa is the ultimate retreat for relaxation. Transform your space into a sanctuary and experience the epitome of tranquility with Quasay.

Quasay Home Spa Tubs come with a plethora of features that enhance your bathing experience and promote energy efficiency. Here are the key features:

1. Cabinet Insulation:

Quasay Spa Tubs are equipped with perimeter insulation in their cabinets, maintaining water warmth and reducing overall energy costs. This insulation system is superior to traditional methods, ensuring less heat loss and a quieter spa experience.

3. Purezone Micro Filtration:

An effective water treatment system, Purezone Micro Filtration, removes waterborne contaminants. Quasay spa tubs offer superior hydrotherapy performance seen in the world's most expensive spas.

5. Ergonomic Design:

Designed for optimal comfort, Quasay spa tubs ensure easy fitting and hours of relaxation. With cushion support and powerful jets, these tubs combine elegance and efficiency for a comfortable bathing experience.

7. Individual Pressure Control:

Each seat in Quasay Spa hot tubs can be controlled individually with a pressure control dial. Most jets can also be individually controlled, allowing personalized pressure direction.

2. Intelligent Thermal Regulation:

Quasay's control system adapts to the thermal properties of your home spa, reducing heating costs by up to 20%. The system learns your usage patterns, providing more consistent water temperatures and lowering daily operating costs.

4. Hydroflow Jets:

Quasay Home Spas feature Hydroflow jets that maximize pressure, providing a world-class hydrotherapy experience. Various directional, spinning, and fixed jets create different massage actions in each seat for a luxurious experience.

6. Easy to Operate:

The intuitive control systems in Quasay Home Spa tubs are user-friendly, offering maximum flexibility and control. The top-side panel allows easy access to functions, while advanced controls are accessible through simple English menu functions.

8. Neck Therapy Collar:

Optional on most models, the neck therapy collar incorporates specially designed jets to eliminate stress and tension in the neck and shoulder area. Enhance your experience with aromatherapy to reduce stress and fatigue.

Quasay's commitment to innovation ensures that Home Spa Tubs not only provide a luxurious experience but also prioritize energy efficiency for an eco-friendly bathing solution.

Advantages of Quasay Home Spa Tubs: