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Glass shower partitions have seamlessly integrated into the contemporary bathroom design, serving not only functional purposes but also elevating the aesthetic appeal of the space. These glass dividers efficiently segregate wet and dry areas, while bestowing a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bathroom ambiance.

Beyond their stylish presence, glass bathroom partitions play a crucial role in maintaining the bathroom's hygiene and safety. By confining water within the designated wet space, these shower enclosures contribute to a dry and bacteria-free environment. The hygienic benefits are twofold—keeping the entire bathroom clean and minimizing the risk of slipping, thanks to strategically placed handles on the shower glass partition.

In urban settings where space is a premium, shower enclosures offer a practical solution. The contemporary bathroom layout typically includes distinct zones for the basin, water closet, and shower. A compact corner shower cubicle, such as those with dimensions of 1m x 1m or 1.2m x 1.2m, adeptly fulfills all functional needs without compromising on space efficiency.

With their functional advantages and versatile designs, glass shower partitions have evolved into an essential requirement in modern bathrooms. Quasay's Ready-to-use Glass Shower Partitions stand as a testament to this contemporary necessity. Elevate your bathroom experience with the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience, courtesy of Quasay's thoughtfully designed glass shower partitions.


The Variety of Choices


Bathroom shower enclosures serve as essential components, offering benefits beyond aesthetics. They contribute to cleanliness, safety, and efficient space utilization. Here's why they are crucial:

1. Hygiene and Mold Prevention: To prevent bacteria and mold growth from constant dampness, separating wet and dry areas is key in bathroom design. A bathroom glass partition effectively achieves this by isolating the shower area, ensuring a hygienic environment.

2. Enhanced Safety: Shower enclosures minimize the risk of slipping by containing water within the designated shower space. This is particularly important for households with elderly individuals, and adding grab bars further enhances bathroom safety.


3. Optimizing Space: In urban settings where space is at a premium, bathroom shower enclosures are invaluable. They create dedicated shower zones, optimizing available space and ensuring efficient utilization.

In essence, bathroom shower enclosures are indispensable for promoting hygiene, safety, and space efficiency, transforming your bathroom into a functional and aesthetically pleasing oasis.


Glass shower enclosure come in various shapes, sizes and functionality. Some of them are

  • Wall-to-wall shower cabins

  • Frameless glass shower cubicles for a chic look.

  • Sliding shower doors.

  • Hinged shower doors.

  • Corner walk-in shower enclosures with shower trays

  • Bathroom glass partitions for urinals and more.

Consider Quasay's Ready-to-Use Shower Enclosures for these compelling reasons:

1. Standard Sizes: Available in standard dimensions, ensuring hassle-free selection and installation.

2. Optimized Space: Effectively segregate dry and wet areas, optimizing your bathroom layout.

3. Easy Clean: Featuring an Anti-Limescale Treatment, maintenance is a breeze.

4. Premium Hardware: Crafted from brass hardware for enduring quality.

5. Safety and Durability: Made with toughened safety glass and robust hinges, ensuring safety and longevity.

6. Design Variety: Choose from Frameless, Semi-framed, and Framed enclosures, matching your design preferences.

7. Comprehensive Solution: From design to installation and maintenance, a one-stop solution for your needs.

8. Accessible: Find them at leading sanitary ware stores, ensuring convenience.

9. Warranty: Enjoy 2 years of hardware warranty, showcasing our commitment to quality.

Elevate your bathroom with Quasay's Shower Enclosures and Partitions, seamlessly blending style, function, and durability.

Quasay shower enclosures stand out as the best choice for your bathroom. Here's why:

1. Hassle-Free Installation: Quasay's shower enclosures are designed for easy installation, ensuring a convenient setup process.

2. Quality Assurance: Each Quasay tempered glass partition undergoes rigorous quality and scratch tests to eliminate defects. It also passes free fall and shattering tests for maximum durability.

3. Diverse Styles and Designs: Quasay understands the importance of a modern bathroom setup and offers a range of high-quality shower enclosures in various styles and designs. From the Stark series to the frameless IARA series, Quasay products exude excellence.

4. Wide Range of Options: Quasay offers a variety of standard shower enclosures like Optima, Delta, and Fusion, which easily integrate into your bathroom layout.

5. Enhanced Aesthetics: Quasay's glass shower partitions elevate your bathroom's visual appeal. The range includes options like tinted, frosted, or clear glass, and customizable hardware, such as stainless steel handles and frames, to match your bathroom's style.

6. Flexible Door Styles: Choose from various door styles, including sliding or hinged doors, to suit your preference and bathroom layout.

7. Affordable Cost: Quasay ensures that the cost of their shower enclosures remains affordable without compromising on quality.

In summary, Quasay shower enclosures offer hassle-free installation, exceptional quality, diverse designs, and a wide array of options, making them the ideal choice to enhance your bathroom's aesthetics and functionality.


Tempered shower enclosure glass

90% of an enclosure is glass, so glass must conform to the highest safety standards as it is used in the bathroom

The information provided appears to be related to the quality, standards, and features of tempered glass and hardware components used in shower enclosures. Here's a summary of the key points:

Quality Checks:

- Various tests are conducted to ensure the quality and durability of the tempered glass used in shower enclosures.

- Fragmentation Test: Checks the breakage pattern of the glass.

- Zebra Test: Ensures there is no waviness in the glass.

- Ball Drop Test (Impact Resistance): Tests the strength of the glass at the point of impact.

- Visual Defects Check: Examines for bubbles, scratches, chipping at edges, and other visible defects.

- Free Fall Test: Evaluates the overall strength of the glass by throwing it freely on a plain surface.


- Adhering to standards ensures that the glass meets stringent quality parameters.

- Consistency and longer product life are ensured by following these standards.

- Compliance with both European and Indian standards is maintained.


- Frameless Range: Minimalist and sleek design for aesthetic appeal.

- Made of brass with nickel and chrome plating.

- Tested for durability with features like automatic closing and rust-proof screws.

- Gaskets made of food-grade plastic.

Glass Connectors:

- Designed to match the hinges, made of brass with nickel and chrome plating.


- Made of SS 304 grade with a mirror finish to match the chrome finish of hinges and connectors.

- 19 mm diameter.

Plastic Parts:

- Used in semi-framed and frameless ranges.

- Made of food-grade plastic, featuring concealed magnets for durability.

- Replacement available if it turns yellowish.


- Rise and fall mechanism to prevent breakage, with the door rising 6-8 mm above the floor while opening.

Towel Bars:

- Brass towel rod with nickel and chrome finish, designed to hold 2 towels.

- No visible screws for a sleek look.

Finish and Profiles:

- Sleek, transparent finish that enhances the enclosure's aesthetic appeal.

- Profiles used instead of wall connectors, made of aluminum with powder coating to prevent rust.

- Adjustment of 15 mm to accommodate wall undulations.

Sliding Range:

- Top hung channel for a free walkway.

- Wall profiles with sleek design and 15 mm adjustment.

- Rollers with ball bearings encapsulated in brass, offering a 2-year warranty.

This information highlights the rigorous quality checks, adherence to standards, and attention to detail in the design and features of Quasay's tempered glass shower enclosures and their hardware components.


In conclusion, if you're in search of top-notch shower enclosures in India, look no further than Quasay. With the best features tailored exclusively for you, Quasay offers a range of shower glass partitions at competitive costs. Whether you're interested in frameless, sliding, or semi-framed options, Quasay has you covered.

Elevate your showering experience by exploring Quasay's diverse designs and styles available in-store and online. Peruse through their offerings on their website and benefit from virtual appointments with their knowledgeable professionals. Whether you're curious about dimensions, cost, effectiveness, or feasibility for your bathroom space, Quasay's experts can guide you.

With standard shower cubicle sizes that optimize your bathroom's layout, Quasay ensures you make the most of your available space. Plus, their shower enclosures come with a 5-year warranty (excluding the glass), backed by reliable service support, ensuring the exceptional quality you seek.

Whether you fancy designer options or prefer a sleek frameless look, Quasay has an array of glass shower partitions to choose from. Not only do these enclosures enhance your bathing area, but they also maintain the cleanliness and dryness of the rest of your bathroom.

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