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Steam Room

What Is a Steam Room?

A solid sweat session in the steam room is a vital part of any good spa trip, right? It’s one of the (very) few times we’d embrace sitting in a humid, sweaty environment.

A steam room or steam bath provides moist heat. These rooms are usually tiled (or sometimes glass) and are airtight to trap all of the moisture that is created by a steam generator. When you enter a steam room, you'll immediately notice the presence of steam both on your skin, making it will feel damp, and in the air, which often feels thick.

Steam rooms are designed to accommodate 95 to 100 percent humidity. The temperature in a steam room may range from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but it may feel warmer because of the high humidity.


What are the benefits of Steam Rooms?

1) Improves Circulation, improve circulation by dilating the small blood vessels or capillaries.

2) Skin Health, the sweating opens up the pores and helps cleanse the outer skin.

3) Workout Recovery, application of moist heat after a workout helped reduce pain and preserve muscle strength.

4) Loosens stiff joints, as it helps to loosen up the joints and increase flexibility.

5) Reduce Stress, Being in the heat of a steam room can make the body release endorphins, which are known as ‘feel-good’ hormones.

6) Opens up sinuses, it breaks up the congestion in the sinuses and lungs and therefore can be used to help treat colds, unblock sinuses, and aid breathing.

Some precautions and rules need to be followed when entering a steam room-

1) You should wait at least one hour after eating a big meal before going into the steam room.

2) Be sure to drink water before and after taking a steam bath to stay hydrated.

3) Limit your time in the steam room to about 15 to 20 minutes.

4) After leaving the steam room, cool off with cool fresh air and cool water without shocking the system and to avoid shivering.

5) Consult a doctor before going into a steam room if you have a respiratory disease, high or low blood pressure, and diabetes. Also, avoid it altogether if you are pregnant.

6) Dress lightly: wearing light clothes will prevent you from overheating and will keep your clothes from clinging to your body.

7) If you feel uneasy, leave the steam room immediately and have water. Sit for a while and give your body some time to relax.

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