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Sauna Heaters and Features Of Sauna Cabin

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Our product range includes the exquisite sauna bath that is specially designed for the master bathroom. The designer sauna bath is fabricated to suit the surroundings and meet the precise requirement of the customer.

Manufacturing from graded material using advanced manufacturing techniques that ensure high performance and better durability, the sauna bath is highly beneficial to the user.

Features of Sauna Cabin

  • Made of extreme heat resistant timber

  • Pre-fabricated, thermally, insulated, walls and roof

  • Precise section with no visible joint or holes

  • Scientific ventilation with proper air inlets and outlets

  • Wooden lampshade to create the typical sauna ambiance

  • Benches made with a round corner for proper relaxation along with contoured backrest and headrest, especially for one-two step siting levels

  • Sauna stone pf igneous dolerite rock to withstand rapid heating and cooling

  • insulated panel door fitted with toughened glass and a child-safe magnetic catch.

Sauna Cabin

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